Redirecting custom URL to Blogger blogpost


I have a custom url from GoDaddy. I successfully redirected this url to my website. In the meantime the domain name expired. I bit the bucket and paid the far too much extra and have GoDaddy give me back my url. Except now it does not redirect to my Blogger blogpost. Then I realized the only way to do this is to go into Blogger > Settings, type in a new url and have Blogger give an error and therefore create two CNAME entries that I need to log into GoDaddy. This last step no longer happens since Blogger recognizes the old url name and thinks it is the same. So, no error, no new CNAME entries and nothing for me to put in my domain name entry at GoDaddy, which means no redirect.

Can anybody help here? Quite desperate and willing to pay some money for services or useful advice. Thanks!


Again, desperately need help here and willing to pay cash for help.


Thanks, VishalChopra, this did not work with the error that the .txt file caused an error. Any ideas?