Redirect Your Blogger Blog to Another URL


Hello Friends. Hoping all are fine here.

Friends, Today I am sharing you an awesome trick that let you drive traffic from old domain to new one.

Before some days, 18 Jan, I have moved to an another domain. (from to I felt that my new domain was not receiving traffic from any place. But My previous blog url was receiving good amount of traffic. So, I have used this trick to get traffic to my new domain from old domain.

Many Blogger are in problem when they move to an another domain. Using this simple trick, you can also drive traffic from your previous domain to newer. All you have to do, Create a New Blogger blog. All Required steps are mentioned below:

DEMO: - Just Visit You will it will redirect to my new domain! :smile:

Follow the steps carefully if you are going to do this :slight_smile:

  • Go to blogger dashboard and create a new blog.
  • Set your previous domain (old) from which you want to drive traffic to your new domain.
  • Name it as your current blog. Like my current blog is PFCI Tech! so I named it as PFCI Tech Old
  • Now, After creating that new blog. Go to Template Tab, then Edit HTML

  • Now, Paste the Following code between <head> to </head>

<script type='text/javascript'> var d=&#39;<data:blog.url/>&#39;; d=d.replace(/.*\/\/[^\/]*/,&#39;&#39;); location.href=&#39;http://YOUR CURRENT </script>

  • Change YOUR CURRENT DOMAIN with your new and current domain.
  • Now, save the template. And take a look of your this blog which have your old domain. You will see, Immediately your blog will redirected to the new domain.