Ramadan Animated Lantern Widget


As everyone knows that the month of blessing (Ramadan) has come. So I want to flourish my blog with a nice looking Ramadan widget. I found one on MyBloggerLab.com . Here it Is ( www.mybloggerlab.com/2013/07/how-to-add-animated-ramadan-lantern-in-blogger.html ) but As The text (Ramazan Karim) in this widget is in white color and my blog’s background is also in white, so the text is not shown there, Can anybody please Make it in Black Color because I liked this widget too much and I want to add this widget to my blog. This is a swf file and I don’t know how to edit it… @Mohammad

My Blog : http://programmervshacker.blogspot.com

P.S : If there is any other Ramadan widget then please provide the link to me. Thanks in Advance. :slight_smile:


That is SWF File . It is Amimated. You cant Edit that file by Using CSS… That is Pre-Built using Some Software like Gif File… The Logo isnt made by using HTML/CSS so We can`t Make Color Black or Change to Other


So this means that I can’t change it?? Or It can be changed using any external software?


You can Use Some Other Swf Files related to That Widget or Simply Contact the admin of That Blog for another Code… :smile: