Put two ads side by side and make it responsible


Hello everybody

I’m here to ask you guys one question.

I would like to know how to put two ads side by side. I’m looking for a code to have these ads side by side in desktop and one above another in mobile devices.

Anybody can help?

Thanks in advance.

This forum is really great. Congrats to all of you.


i need ad sizes, placement and measurements to give you the code.


Its Simple First Place The Two Ad Codes One After Other like this -

<a class='ad'>Your Content</a> <a class='ad'>Your Content2</a>

Now we use @media queries CSS to show the ad in block In Mobile Devices-

@media (max-width:728px) {
.ad {display:block!important;}

Change 728px to the width from which you want to show your one above in mobiles :smiley:


Excellent. I really thank you bro. It’s fantastic and I liked it very much.


I Am Glad That You Liked It :smile: Keep Asking Such Questions And Good Luck :thumbsup: