Pros and Cons of using Facebook Comments Plugin


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Hope everything is fine and you are doing good. It looks really good to see People have started interaction on the Help Forum. Thumbs Up Bhisahab!!

Two quick questions.

  1. Are Our discussions related to MobileSiri are Private or Public. If Public, Please mark them as private.

  2. I am thinking of using Facebook Commnets Plugin for the site. What do you say? I read some pros and cons like Normap WP comments help in SEO, on the other hand FB Comments Pluging brings more traffic and When Social Media is an “important” signal for Google What do you suggest?

I saw TechCrunch using FB comments then abandoning it and then again start using it.

Waiting for Your reply.

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Disqus Commenting System VS Google+ Commenting System

W.salam dear hassan,

Glad to see you posting your queries. I will answer them in sequence

  1. The mobile siri topics are all under clients category which is not open to public but I have set this question of yours public because it will help others too.

  2. Facebook comments plugin is surely a great plugin to push traffic from news feed of your blog comment posters. Techcrunch should never be followed because they have experimented a lot during the past few years and have heavily lost traffic too while mashable on other hand is a better source of inspiration which hatched out of taking inspiration from techcrunch but now have a strong SEO Team who carefully take decisions. The development team at techcrunch is so strange that they even forgot to disable the Wordpress Navbar. Visit techcrunch while you are logged in your Wordpress account and you will understand what I mean. TechCrunch uses the Facebook comment plugin because their second biggest source of traffic after AOL is Facebook and third Twitter, so its logical for them to use it again despite those several cons attached to it.

Following are some major cons and pros of using Facebook Comments Plugin:


  • The social engagement boosts your traffic unless users have opt out of the “Also Post on Facebook” option in the comment box.
  • Real names and identities greatly reduces Spam by anonymous visitors.
  • The comments are surely SEO friendly because Google can now crawl iframe Windows


  • Your comments may appear on some other sites due to the backlash bug.
  • Hectic Moderation. You will have to manually moderate each comment on each post. No Central Control System other than the one at Facebook Dev Page which is way too time consuming.
  • No exclusive way to highlight Admin comments.
  • No support for Twitter or Google logins which demotivates half of your visitors from commenting.
  • No backup support - Once you use it, you will be forced to use it forever because their is no support for backup or migration of comments. They did claim to offer an API but no updates are so far heard.
  • In Countries where Facebook is banned, you leave your visitors no option of participating in discussion
  • People often avoid exposing their Personal Profile identity when commenting thus discouraging open discussion.

These are the reasons why we stick to a commenting system offered by the CMS itself which offers multiple options of logins and never force users to post via a single platform and also keeps a strong backup. If there is any third-party commenting plugin that we recommend then it is surely Disqus which has evolved greatly over time and has no major cons at the moment.