Problem with the blog's template! Help needed. Fast!


Few hours back I added the Zett Blogger Template from blogtipsntricks , to my blog - Blogging Easier but when I reverted it back to my previous template, which I had Backuped, a problem in the template appeared. You can see it by visiting my blog- . Please reply fast. How to solve this problem?


Hi! @NamanKumar You can revert back to the default blogger template and then apply to that customized template. I have also faced the same problem about a few months ago and got recovered very quickly by using the above trick.


I have tried it. I have also tried copying the content from the backup xml file of my blog’s previous template and then just pasting it in the edit html option but bothing happened.


You have changed your template. How can we now fix the error?


Remember-Always add a new template when you just create a new blog if you try to add it later then XML will get disturbed and widgets will also get disturbed so try to install a new template only when you create a new blog. Ya but you can configure your template always.

Hope You Understand :smile:


Okay then here is a complete tutorial on your problem.

First go to blogger your blogging easier blog.

Backup or Export your blog posts by going to Settings> Other.

Go to Settings > Basic > Blog Address

Change the blog address to anything else i.e testuryt

Now go to blogger > create a new blog

Enter BloggingEasier here.

And Now go the newly created BloggingEasier> Settings

And Import blog posts and change the template to the backup template

And see the results. Hope it helped.

Note: Your Blog will stay shutdown for 10 minutes during this process

Hassan Tahir


Hassan, this is not as simple as you are thinking. Do you know? After doing this:

The previous url ( will not be available for new blogs. So, Naman will not be able to set for any new blog. The solution of his problem is this one:

Following are some steps that can help Naman to solve his problem.

  • Firstly, delete all widgets from the layout tab of your blog. But before deleting them, copy the code of every widget. Because you have to add them again (later).
  • Now, go to Template tab. Their, select any dynamic template and apply it to your blog.
  • Now, upload the fresh indigo template and now, again go to layout tab and add all widgets as it was before doing this process.
  • At last, visit your blog and you will see all things right. :smile:

Shivansh Verma Skv


thank you for the reply, but unfortunately that too didn’t work.


Can anyone else please find a solution of my problem?


BTW, Whats the problem? I checked the blog and everything seems to be just fine!

~ Rohan.


Actually yesturday I just spent 2 hrs sitting in front om my PC solving the error and fortunately was successfull in that. I’m sorry that I forget to update the topic here.

I just deleted all the content in the main_wrapper and then updated it with the main_wrapper content from the default(uncustomized) Indigo Template: which I was using on my blog.

Thank you everyone, who tried to help me, including @HassanTahir @Shivansh @ngtechzone @Rohan.

Happy Blogging!


Finally Your Problem Gets Solved Congrats!!! And Good Luck For Your Blog :smile: !!!


Hi! Can somebody tell me how to do this:

I just deleted all the content in the main_wrapper and then updated it with the main_wrapper content from the default(uncustomized) Indigo Template: which I was using on my blog.

Help! My new template mixed with older template

Hello Nitishk.

Im not sure if this is the best place to publish my problem and get some solution to fix it but,…

After import saved posts, pages and comments to get content as it was (as I want) , ALL my posts and pages url’s became unvailble (replaced for others with diferent unwanted ur’ls) and ALL my posts and pages search descriptions disappeared. :((

I didnt knew this import cause tis kind of problem, besides duplication which is quite bad too.

Need some urgent help to fix (reverse) this terrible situation. I want everything as it was after import content.


Sincerely, Ruben