Problem with Facebook Share for Posts


Hello, I am working on a Blogger Blog to fix the Facebook share button. Issue is - When I share any blog post, Facebook fetch the Blog URL and and Title instead of Post’s Title and URL. I want to fix it so that I can share the Post’s title and URL correctly.

Here is the link of Blog - www[.]karreinen[.]org . I have also attached the screenshot. Thanks!


Add Facebook Open Graph To Blogger Blog

Search in google you can get many tutorial

Search Query from Google -


@flyraed, Thanks for your help. I have added Facebook Open Graph in my blog and almost all issue have fixed but description of post is still not displaying in correct format.

Here I am adding the screenshot-

Can you please help me , how to fix this issue?



Add Meta Description in your blog, it will solve your problem

Follow this tutorials


All issues has been fixed. Thanks @flyraed for your help.