Problem With Blogger Recent post Date and Time Setting after applying New template


Hi. I am Zeeshan

I Started a blog almost 2 months ago . 5 or 6 days ago i changed the template of my blog which is an awesome template but i am having a probem . In the Recent post Date does not show up only Time shows . Look at this picture for better Understanding

as you can see in the screenshot the Posts which are shown in the recent post doesnt showup any date . I am not a pro so i need help with it. I dont know if posting a Link Directly to my blog is allowed or not so i am not giving it. Please Help Me In this problem


Go to Blogger > Language and formatting > Formatting

Adjust timestamp format.

Done. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I have done everything just didnt thought about timestamp.

Thank you for your help


Welcome :thumbsup:

Keep questions coming. :slight_smile:


Yeah For sure. thanks again for solving my problem