Problem in Template which is created by me!


Hello There!

This is the latest template and actually the first ever template created by myself in my whole life! Template URL :- Demo-NafeesTemplate

So in this template there is some mistake as there is some empty space left between the header wrapper and the menu/navbar. With help of numerous tutorials provided by MBT (also some other sources) I created this Design and now I dont want to leave this project rest!

This image demonstrates my problem:-

(And yes Props to this forum for that background :grin: )


That is quite simple. Do this. Search the following CSS class inside your template

nav { display: block; margin-top: 100px; background: #374147; }

Delete margin-top: 100px; and you are all set! :smile:

this will remove the extra margin from top and remove the blank space


Haha. Mohammad, you pressed your reply button only 10 seconds before me. :smiley: Because I was typing the same solution. :wink:

Here’s a tip for you-

@Nafees, if you again got problems like this, you can use Google Chrome to find it out!

Simply, right click on the space where the error this occurring & press Inspect Element. Chrome’s HTML Editor will show you which css or code is behind the error. :smile:

-Shivansh Verma


Thanx, My problem is solved but not fully! Still there is some space remaining betn the header wrapper and navigation bar :weary:

and BTW shivansh Verma I use Firefox and I know about Inspect Element but the elements doesn’t show up as in Chrome :confused:


If you still have some space between header wrapper and Nav bar. You can use margin-top as margin-top: -10px; (Adjust it according to your requirement). BTW, For Firebox, You can install FireBug Add-on . Thanks! Gaurav Vishwakarma


Thanks @GKVish

Done :thumbsup: Also Firebug Seems to be Useful :smiley: