Post Views Script is not working since I changed my template


Hi sir, I ask you to help me because my Post Views Script is not working since I changed my template. My blog is Please check my blog and help me to fix it.



@MBTDAVID What exactly you mean by post views scripts…?

Once you update/change the template everything will be changed along with it. If you have added that script in your previous template, then you have to add it again in your new template.

I hope you found your answers. Lets us know if you have anything else to say…


The post views plugin that we introduced at mbt used a free service given by firebase. This service is now paid one and unfortunately many bloggers are facing problems applying it. I will look for a workaround and will update the post.

Did you try creating an accout at firebase or you are using our firebase account’s database?


Yes, I have created an account and it’s already instaled in my new template. Check on my blog . I got this script from MBT Hope you guys can help me.


Ok dear David , as soon as I am back home I will personally help you install it correctly on your blog. Post views plugin is an awesome tool and you deserve to know how to integrate it in blogger


Thank you Mohammad I really appreciate your help.