Post title missing from the homepage


Right now… I really need help in fixing my blog it seems that my blog… is not working well. The themes I am using is FRESH template from sora templates and I don’t wish to change the themes… but the problem is the article I have been posting didn’t display its title.

If you see scroll down my blog… you would see that there is one good post and that is the second post. I wanted to display every post just like that. Can anyone help me with this?



Hi there ,

Did you use quotes in your post title ? If yes, try removing them. It might work.


@souravsudhi, thank you for replying. If I may ask what quotes are you talking about?


I’d faced a kind of similar error before. I framed the post title as Sample “Post” and it messed up my article. So, then I replaced my title as Sample Post and the error was resolved.


Dear @souravsudhi, I don’t think I found the title being quoted… is this the title?

Could you kindly tell me what to do?


Opps, I’m not referring to the codes.

“Penguatan Kapasitas dan Kompetensi SDM Menjawab Peluang Bonus Demografi” Is this your title ?


no, no… @souravsudhi, that is not my title. my blog is


Please share the correct post url, your first URL is taking me to a simple blogger official template and the second URL you shared it taking us no where and redirecting to a different dummy site


I am sorry, I hope this link works. And please help me fixed the display of the posts…