Post Title is missing from homepage (Script Error?)


So I got this template that I really liked and I decided to put it on my test blog ( and it worked fine.
Image (
But when I apply it to my main blog (, the homepage loos like this (
As you can see, the post title with the read more button is now gone. Please help me with this. I have tried reinstalling the template but it doesn’t work (after removing all widgets and everything) You are my last hope. I don’t want to use another template. Please help.
Thank you :smiley:



First of All, Welcome to this forum.

Before, i will give answer to your question, Please let me know that whether you have buy this theme or just downloaded from internet.

If you have buy it, then it is better to contact author of this theme.

But, It seems that you have downloaded this theme from internet. For Demo Blog, you are using template of ARLINA DESIGN and For Main Blog uses theme created by Sora Themes).

We here didn’t provide help for using copyrighted items. It is strictly prohibited here. I suggest you to pay some bucks to developer and purchase premium version.

Avoid using someone work for free, because it require lot of hard work to create something. (Respect it !!)