Post Thumbnails not appearing on blog when images are Hosted Externally!


See when upload an Image in blog post on homepage the image appears as a thumbnail to post

but when I copy and paste the image (Not uploading ) the image doesn’t appear as a thumbnail to the post on the home page

so is there any way to make it appear without uploading it ??


Yeah @Nafees You are Saying Correct This also happens to me sometimes when i try to paste a image from it sometimes disappears so i download it and then upload it manually!! :frowning:


According to my knowledge. There is no way of doing so If you want to make the thumbnail part work, just save the images from the corresponding webpage to your PC and then upload them. But there are ways you can add default thumbnails to the blog, they will appear when you’ll not upload any image in your post, that is what you are doing now in some of your posts which are not having thumbnails on home page. If you want to learn the way to add the default thumbnails, just drop me a line and I’ll just research a little and guide you about it. Happy blogging!


well now it seems impossible but then also I am waiting for a last expert @Mohammad Bhai ! :relieved:


Yeah, i also wish the same, i think he can drive a solution for it based on the principal knowledge and practical use of the blogger shortcodes developed by MBT. Or we can improve upon the algorithm part on/in your template. Waiting for his reply.


I don’t know why you guys are having these problem but I also I don’t know why I am not suffering from these problems. Whenever I place an featured image of another blog, it shows as thumbnail on my homepage.

And Congratulations Naman for getting the Ninja badge. :smile:


:cold_sweat: Look for some code in your template that is relevant to my query


Then we can search on the template for the code. I’ll research a little for it when I’ll go home. Also thanks for your regards.


what does audio mean?? or thanx to auto correct??


Sorry, actually the auto correcting system in android phones really create a problem. :smile: It’s “also”


:grin: well its okay!

but coming back on the point there are some templates which support images as thumbnails which are hosted externally now this is quite confusing! They might use some codes!

Lets wait for more answers! I asked this question because everytime I am ain’t able to download the content as it eats the disk space :grinning:


Hi @Nafees , This isnt a part of problem from blogger , as it allows you to upload via url ,and normally the First image in the post is shown as thumbnail in hmepage. Well such problem can appear sometimes, due to following issues such as,

  1. Either the image takes too long time to fetch, and timeout happens.
  2. There can be some issues with templete itself processing the thumbnail part
    May be there are some more relevant issues, probably other ninjas and admins can take over :slight_smile:


I think @justin said right. Because if it is problem with blogger, then why I am able to add external images on my post and they show up as thumbnail. I suggest you to try any different read more script.


I don’t know why? but in one of Myblogger Lab posts they told that blogger thumbnails don’t appear when images are hosted externally


Nafees, is my blog’s this post - Need Our help Or Pro Bloggers Help? - Blogger Help Forum

In this post, the featured image is hosted on ask.mybloggertricks and is showing as a thumbnail.


I don’t know but wait I am finding link for MBL’s post


may be that post is outdated. :frowning:


For Making Your Blog Best and Self. You should download Images and Edit and Upload Manually. That`s the Best Idea. Just Forget about Problem cuz i havent got answer for That. images are only showed when they are on


then what about shivansh’s template it gets posted automatically!


Shivansh Uses windows live writer to write posts that’s why he doesn’t faces that problem :smile: