Post Body Not appearing Properly || urgent Help needed



Guys Please help me regarding this problem, see i upgraded my old template to a new template (the template is MY mag by bloggertheme9 ) as soon as i uploaded it the post body means the post grid view what it is supposed to be seen on the home page with all the posts. is not appearing properly you can see the error on my blog

please see to it how it is supposed to be viewed and how it is :’(


Is there anyone who can help me regarding this topic. Please help me I am in a very big trouble :sob:

Expert people @Mohammad @Shivansh @Sam_Saffron @samurai @codinghorror please help me


@Nafees, this is the error from the owner’s provided file. I have just reported the issue to the template’s owner. You can see it here. Hope he will reply shortly. :smile:

Thanks for Patience


@shivansh thanks for the support I am really obligatory to you :wink:

btw i have changed the address of the blog to and i have also reported it to the owner of the template :smile:


Now Let’s wait for the fixed template by template owner. This will also help other users that are using this template and having the same issue.


Yup! I would like to tell you one thing that when ever I am in a trouble regarding some issue you reply me. Thankyou for this and keep helping newbies also i visited your blogs (bloggerguiders and windowsguiders) there are many useful articles and customizations which I am going to apply when my template issue gets solved :slight_smile:

Thankyou for everything :smiley:


Your blog was deleted? I am not able to access it as it shows “Blog not found”.


Yep! I am always here to help you @Nafees & thanks for your kind words about my blog. :slight_smile:

@Rohan, he had changed his blog’s url as he already told: