Poll: Did you Like The New Blogger Help Forum?


Please vote below and let us know how useful is this user powered community forum for Blogger users and how useful it is personally to you. Tell us how much you liked the efforts. Your vote means a lot to us and gives us the positive energy to serve you even better. Would really appreciate your constructive feedback

The Community here solves Blogger Related Problems to what extent?

  • 75% & above :smiley:
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Share the reason behind your selected option and let us know what we can do to serve you even better. Thank you for taking out time and casting your vote!


I love it for all the great support I am receiving so far. simply the best place to ask for blogger related help. Thank you for creating this great community


Thank you rayer for the kind feedback. You are the first person to post your review!


One of the finest and splendid place with great support for blogger users, where they will find all the exact answers, solutions of their queries related to blogspot, SEO and much mores.

In short i would be quoted, { Say Good Bye to Google Search } when MBT provides such big forum for blogspot community. Love you lot for giving us this awesome opportunity.


Thank you @Templatezy for finding the forum up to your tastes. We are trying every possible way to further expand our cloud server and purchase extra diskspace to deliver as much to blogger users as we can.

The reason why we launched it is to serve bloggers across the web to find one specific bulletin board where they could interact with one another and talk nothing but Blogger. A user powered community where every member may seek help within 24 hours 7 days a week.

Your feedback has surely been a positive energy! thank you


@Mohammad i appreciate you for providing the great way to discuss blogger blog issue. And Hopefully we will learn something various about blogger blog. thanks for giving great community :blush:


I loved this community and I am kinda amazed to see how beautiful it is in terms of resources and user experience. I have been to other communities too. But this one is quite easy to understand provided you read all the guidelines carefully. Thanks Mustafa, I am loving it! :slight_smile:


Thank you rohan for all the love

We have yet not officially launched the forum to all our readers. I am just few days behind to release the surprise to all our readers

You guys must help us groom this community by publicising it to your social network. This new family is what we all own equally

Members can also download their posts and own the copyrights so what you type here you own it forever :smile:


Yeah, its indeed a great community idea. I just shared the link on Facebook, I am sure my friends would love to join us here. :slight_smile:


Amazing , MBT always think different from other bloggers and it is the reason of it’s success . Great Mustafa bro. it will bee the best online community for bloggers. Inshallha . We also now (may be) can contact to every Top bloggers from here . :blush:


Its surely the feedback you guys provide that help us come up with better ideas and enchancements. Thank you @Haseebahmed For the kind words :blush:



Great initiative. Being a regular reader of MBT I am so thankful for this

I have learned so many SEO tips from MBT like sitemap submission tool. After taking your suggestions I have got lot improvement in traffic for my site

Now even better to get instant response from this forum. All the very best for the entire team and keep supporting bloggers like me

With regards Jothis


It is certainly an honor having helped you as much as we could and I am hopeful you will be answered more promptly on this forum and provided full help and support. Thank you @Jothis for those kind words truly! :angel:


Dear @Mohammad , is there any feature here when someone ask question then get right answer and the right answer will got sticky below the question, just like Stack Overflow ?. I don’t know what they calling this thing. :confused:

It will be great if this forum have this thing :slight_smile:


This forum is great news for blogger users, you never get any answers on the google product forums.


That is exactly what I am looking for. I have put that in my TO-DO lis. Thank you @Mad for suggesting a new feature. You can post all such posts in the Wishlist category too


So glad you found it worth a try and thank you for being here. Would love to help you buddy :blush:


The design is cool… You must make sure that you give the ultimate support to the users which you claimed to give. After all, Your quick response will be the key for the success of this brand new product…“ASK.MBT”


I surely will reply inshAllah within hours or even minutes just like I replied you within minutes :wink:

Keep the questions coming!


If you will keep on with this rapid responding policy… Who knows you can buy blogger.com one day…:stuck_out_tongue: By the way, It was just a joke