Please somebody,I need help with my Template


Hello everyone i just bought a template for my website The problem is my website very laggy, i don’t know much about html or kind like that, and the there is no support from the template maker if someone can help me and tell what makes my website so laggy i really appreciate it. here is the link to my website www(dot)seriusgue(dot)com


Okay your blog is laggy because you’ve chosen a theme which has quite good amount of effects and animations , though the’re good but make your blog longer to load.

Now one thing you can do is removing extra styles and scripts and minyfying your css and js which will help you in making your blog’s template size small. :wink:

But as you’ve chosen a big template then i think that laggyness will still continue. :smile:


oh so that’s the case, if i remove the thumbnail effect will it reduce the lag? i’m gonna search on google how to remove extra styles then :slightly_smiling:

and also thanks for your explanation sorry my english is not good