Please Review My Blog And Suggest The Edits


Please take a look at my blog and suggest the edits. I want a review on:

Blog’s Design: About the new blog design.

Writing Skills: About the post writing style.

HTML & CSS Errors: HTML & CSS Errors and a way to save the css part from being cloned.

Errors in Responsiveness: Errors In Making The Template Responsive

Please leave your suggestions. I am waiting for a reply from @Rohan and @Templatezy


Please Tell Me Your Blog URL I Don’t Know Your Blog Url


@ngtechzone it’s MyBloggingGuide.Blogspot.Com


@hassan tahir please mention your web address than rohan and templatezy will check your website


@Tariq_aziz & @ngtechzone thank’s i have provided it.


Ok I Checked Your Template It Is Good But I Am Giving Some Suggestions-

Blog’ Design- Your Navbar In Not Showing When Anyone Resize The Browser so make it responsive. Add Fontawesome Icons On Navbar.

Writing Skill- You Have Created Only One Post Through which your writing skill cannot be determined.

You Can Save The Css Part from being cloned by hosting your cs on google drive and then adding a link into your template.

Your Template Is Not Fully Responsive as when i resize the tab your footer links were not showing.

So First Try To Solve These Problems First Then I Will Give You More Suggestions


your blog is very good but i think i read your post that is only one so i can that great work but making a blog is not difficult but you must continue it that is a tough job but i really admire your first post your heading are good Writting skill is also good way of explaining is well

some pages are not working like about, contact sitemap and there no menu button facebook fan page and widget on your blog i dont know about Seo or heading h3 or h4 h2 so i cant say about that


Hi Hassan,

I would love to give you my feedback once you finish up setting your blog. The blog seems to be lacking content and other design aspects.

The review suggestions we have been posting in the ‘Reviews’ category can help you to tweak your blog perfectly. Go through the past discussions. They might help.

~ Rohan.

P.S. Changed the Topic Category to ‘Reviews’.


@Rohan I am updating it and you will be able to see it alive very soon. And about the category [Reviews] I was not able to find that category so I just selected customizations, I thought that it was deleted.


No problem. Since I have re-categorized it now so you don’t need to worry. :slight_smile: I look forward to see a finished blog.