Please review my blog and drop suggestions


Hi I am newbie to blogger and a medical student, So html,css codes and everything just go above my head. I did what I can. I need help badly. So please review my blog Indian Beauty Network Blog and drop me suggestions and help me guide it to improve it. Please help me. Thank you.


According To Forum Rules Basic Trust Users Are Not Allowed To Ask for Review As You May Also Not Be Able To See Review Category When You Were Creating A New Topic.

But You Can Surely Ask For Help Through P.M From Other Users :smiley:


Hi Thank you so much. I didn’t know about it. That’s ok but I surely need help, that’s the main reason I joined this community. Thanks.


Then You May Ask Any User By Sending Him A Message ! :smiley:


Oh! Sorry I don’t know that how to do. Can you please guide me. As I am new, I don’t know which user to contact. Help will be appreciated. Thanks.


Search Any User By Using Search Bar Or By Going To Users Page Then Open His Profile And The You’ll See Message button , click it to send a email to the user ! :sunny:


Ok. Got it. Will contact soon. Thank you so much.


Hi I can’t find message button in users profile. Can you help please. Thanks.


Sorry but as you are a new user you cant do this too You need basic trust level which you can get by reading posts and replying on other topics :slight_smile:


@drfarhatsultana, as @ngtechzone said, you can’t ask for reviews of your blog because we cannot do it this time due to your trust level.

By the way, you can surely post topics about any problem like traffic tips or any unusual activity in your blog on Forum but, always do a search on Google to confirm that your solution does not already exist on the forum and on the internet and so, you can ask it in the forum. :smile: