Please check if my blog post is H1 or not


I have checked my blog in some seo checker tools. they are saying, missing H1 tag in my Blog. But when I checked with inspect element of chrome, post title are showing H1. Any problem of my blog?

My Blog: Droidphoria

Also, I lost a huge traffic drop even I am posting regularly. Any SEO expert, please tell me the problem of my blog. In 2016, I was getting a huge traffic and now I am even not getting 500 page view in a day.

Please help me as soon as possible.


Hi, @saeedashifahmed. I checked your blog. What I found that on the home page or index pages h1 tag is not showing as use are using the image as the logo. @Mohammad brother has already published an article regarding this which you can check at -

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@saeedashifahmed follow the above tutorial @Nitishk just given. It will show your missing H1 tag on homepage and also make blog tiitle tag h2 in post page. This is very important factor for SEO. Here is a small tips for you, Do not use Uppercase word on permalink, use lowercase. Its bad for SEO.


Thank you all…

One thing I want to know! If my Blog Post Title is optimized or not?

And for the tutorial you mentioned, I can’t find

in template… Because my template is a custom template!

What should I do?

Thanks in advance


If you have a custom template, then you need to contact template maker, or I’ll do the work, just PM me.

Thanks :slight_smile: