Please can any other blogger users help?


I am wondering if any other Blogger users might possibly be able to help me. I am a female blogger who is getting on in years and have got myself a bit paranoid about the Blogger stats.

My Blogger stats show somebody who shows up as being from the U.S. and using Chrome on a Macintosh computer. They do not show up in my Statcounter logs, only in the Blogger stats. They view all new posts - usually (though not always) immediately, or pretty soon afterwards. I discovered that they also always find any new Google I.D.s/blogs I create immediately, so I tested them out by creating blogs . I even created blogs using fake I.D.s - including on one occasion on another computer - but every time they found the new I.D. and blog immediately.

I should perhaps explain that I only started perusing the Blogger stats in such detail because for 3 or 4 months up to the end of January there were some extremely odd entries appearing in my Statcounter logs in which several different IP numbers seemed to be editing post and widgets. It was all extremely strange and has probably made me a bit paranoid! :smile:

Anyway… I have asked advice in several other places and people always say that it must be a bot. However, I still find it hard to believe this. I will not bore you here by going into full details… suffice to say that this visitors behaviour has varied enough to make me question whether it could be a bot.

If this is a bot though, it will undoubtedly be targeting other Blogger users too. So… has anybody else noticed this U.S./Chrome/Macintosh visitor showing up in the Blogger stats as soon as they publish a post? Is there anybody who has recently opened a new blog with Blogger who has also noticed this visitor come along as soon as the blog is created?

I think the only way I will e able to stop worrying about this is if I can find somebody else who is experiencing the same things!


Hi, I also see this but I think that these visitor are blogger or google team members that check our blog to see that our blog posts are not against blogger terms and conditions.

So dont worry about it…


Thank you for letting me know that you also are getting visits from my US/Mac/Chrome visitor, Tahirhabib684. At the moment, you seem to be the only other person apart from me who has noticed this visitor though!

It is certainly a possibility that this might be something to do with Google/Blogger. However, if this was the case you

would expect this (presumably automated) visitor to be consistent and visit every post published.

My visitor does indeed usually visit ever post immediately… but not always! Very occasionally, several hours have passed before he has turned up (I’ll call the visitor ‘him’ here as it is easier to do so - although I do not know if the visitor is male or female, an automated bot or an alien from outer space! ;-)) There was an unused blog of mine where I would frequently test him by just changing the tiniest detail e.g. just adding a full stop to the title. At first, he came along every time these small changes were made… but then he seemed to get wise to what I was doing and would only visit about once a day, no matter how many times I made changes.

Again, he usually visits new blogs immediately they come into existence. However, I recently created a new blog which he did not find for two days, despite me publishing several test posts. I really thought I had succeeded in managing to create a blog where he was not present and I was so disappointed when he finally turned up! He was viewing posts on my other blogs during this 2-day period, so it was not a question of this person (or bot) being absent or offline.

The idea of Google being involved in this is however a very interesting one, as I have also been getting visits from a strange Google proxy. This google-proxy apparently uses IP numbers legitimately owned by Google, so is presumably one of the proxies actually used by Google. This proxy is always shown as using Internet Explorer, but with a variety of versions of Windows Operating Systems and Browsers. (Rather curiously, the earliest Operating System shown was Windows xP when the proxy visited a language website of mine - not a blog - twice on Christmas day 2014!). I have no idea whatsoever why this proxy would want to visit my blogs, but I do know that on two or three occasions on which I mentioned this proxy on a blog of mine, the person using the proxy responded instantly by visiting my blog within just one or two minutes of the post being published… immediately following a visit from the US/Macintosh/Chrome user. The first time this happened, the proxy revisited a few hours afterwards and this was the one-and-only occasion when it displayed the US/Macintosh/Chrome credentials!

I will probably never know exactly what has been going on here: there does not seem to be any answer which entirely makes sense! :frowning: