Plan to Host Ecommerce Site? Any CMS recommendation


We have hosted our primary site with and this site is using ASP.NET. Our management plan to make ecommerce site so our clients can purchase our services via our site. Now, I’m just start to research which is the best for our ecommerce site. Do we need to develop ourself or just use CMS?

We have to develop an Ecommerce site with 20+ pages of static content which needs a CMS and a store or 30+ products. We use Magento or Cubecart for Ecommerce and Wordpress or Joomla for CMS sites.

Which has the best of both worlds - a good CMS with Store management? I am not sure if a Wordpress CMS site with an Shopping cart plugin will be a scalable solution… Any advice?


Use Wordpress It’s The Best! Due To It’s Features :smiley:


Wordpress if something small you can use it with woo cart plugin. Or else go with magneto,prestashop and most importantly Shopify. I have experience with magneto and shopify so you can ping me on PM for some help if you are going wid it.


Hi Nafess and ngtechzone,

Thank you for your response. Yes, I also think about to use Woocommerce. If I tried simple woocommerce site, the feature is not powerful enough. Is that right? It will more powerful if I use Magento or nopCommerce, right?

How about hosting provider? Anyone using I have made contact with their sales team and asked about nopCommerce and they said they are full support .net CMS applications like wordpress or nopCommerce.

Thank you


They may support magneto.I seriously recommend you to go with magneto because its meant for ecommerce tradings.

And You have to go for Unlimited VPS Hosting because you are going to have huge databases.


Hi Nafees,

Who is magneto? Is it hosting providers or product? Do you mean magento? I never heard magneto.

Thank you


[:link: The Best eCommerce Platform | About Magento][10]



Magento is a CMS as like WordPress, But Magento is Specialized in eCommerce only. Both WooCommerce and Magento is best. I recommend you to use Magento if you have large scale of products otherwise go for WooCommerce. For Hosting I prefer Cloudways Service.


It is better you to use Opencart … It is a free opensource Shopping Cart CMS . Also lot of free templates available to download on the internet .


Thank you for your response. I’m really appreciate it. At this moment, I will narrow it to Magento or nopCommerce.

If I have any questions, I will ask it again. Thank you. :slight_smile: