Picasa Needs to provide Better Protection for Images


Here is this website (alwaysinfo.co.uk) Used all My picasa’s images which are hosted at Blogger Server and this site is using the Images through illegal hosting. They say it’s a search website. But as a search website search result showing on Origanal Link. But they couldn’t do this all images show in there website.


Other wish you can loss your traffic. and your blog going down…

Use Watermark to your images … if anyone have better solution then please tell me.


Disable right click, so people can’t save your image to their PC…but it’s not recommended :confused:


Hi @Pabitra_Kaity, If you are creating and designing your own images for your blog and some other site uses it without your consent the following are some ways you can adopt to reduce the image theft:

  1. Add a copyright notice.
  2. Watermark your images and make the credits bold on your image.
  3. Add a DMCA babge on your site.

I hope this helps. if you have any further doubts or queries, either reply to this comment or leave me a Private message. Thanks.


Hay @Mad Thanks bro. I know Disable Right Click …and I used it at my articles. :blush: But My designs are for share to Facebook, twitter, google+ and other social networking sites… so I can’t disable to my images post. :pensive:


@Rohan Bhai thanks… I used all of this but this website not only use my images they use all bloggers images from direct to blospot.com Server (bp.blogspot.com).


If you see or feel that the site owners are violating copyrights then I request you to first kindly message them and request them to take down the copyrighted content/images. If they refrain to do so, file a copyright infringement compliant against them.

I hope this helps. Thanks.


I second to what @rohan suggested.

There is nothing you can do to stop believe from violating your copyrights. Picasa offers free image hosting to both blogger users and all users using the Gmail ID. Google can help you only if you file a copyright infringement complaint on this page: Report violation to Blogger