People Aren't Able to Add Comments to My Blog


Hi everyone! I recently started a new blog in honour of OCD advocacy but I’m having a comment dilemma:

A few people have notified me that they have tried posting comments on my blog (

I reviewed the blogger help post regarding comments and ensured everything has been followed, and it has.

My husband was able to post from his work computer and I’ve been able to do anonymous test comments but for others, they still cannot leave comments. Anyone know why this is and how I can fix this?

Thanks everyone!


I Checked Your Blog And Comment Section Was Fully Working And Even I Left A Test Comment! :smile:


@ngtechzone she is sister as she sad my husband. :wink:


I wonder if the comment worked for you because later on in the day before you commented, I unlinked my blog to my google plus profile and I also changed it to “pop up comments.” I had read that changing things around can sometimes make it work.

I would prefer the comments to be embedded but I’m too scared to change it back (even though it may still work since maybe it was having it linked to my google plus account that was the problem). Any thoughts?

Thanks for the test comment and letting me know it worked-really appreciate it!


Yes You should Definitely Try It As When Popup Comment Is Working Then Embedded Must Work So Go On An Try To Change It To Embedded But If It Does Not Work Revert It Back To Popup And Reply Here :smile:


Okay so I changed it to embedded and my friend was finally able to comment. I therefore thought the issue was fixed. But then another friend went to comment later, and it did not appear. I’ve therefore changed it back to pop-up. Is there a common issue that people have, like some sort of bug in the system? Any way to permanently fix it?