Our "7" Successful Years with AdSense! 7th Happy Anniversary


We have successfully spent a total of 7 successful years of trust with AdSense Alhamdulillah :fireworks:

7 years with AdSense

Within these 7 years, thousands of accounts were created on Blogger after having known that if mbt can do that then why not us! Several publishers started their blogs on blogspot and succeeded in making a lucrative income online with Google AdSense.

What made it possible?

Some may be thinking what did we earn during these 7 years then I would dedicate half of all my success to Google AdSense which had been the biggest source of my basic financial expenditures. It is my second mom and the mom of all publishers who are contributing to web with honesty and dignity and not violating people’s hard earned efforts through copyrights infringement. If 80% AdSense accounts are banned in India, PaKistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh or elsewhere then newbie publishers are to be blamed and not Google. I have always recommended that online content publishing requires a lot of patience and therefore no shortcuts may be applied for a quick gain online.

Do let me know if you have any questions in mind and I would love to help.

Wishing you all a happy and successful online career buddies. May the best be yours always. Peace and blessings buddies

Google Adsense Approval : Not approved yet

I am glad that you made friendship with adsense for 7 years! :wink: Really It Is A Good Achievement Keep It Up! :smiley: May God Bless You :angel:


Thank you @ngtechzone and I wish the same for you. May God bless you even more and thank you for being the first to share your feedback :innocent:


Congratulations! Mohammad Bhai! That’s a great relationship between adsense and MBT for 7 Years. This Again proves that adsense is on top of any ad company. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much my friend @Mohammad…keep in touch froem INDONESIA.


Congratulations @Mohammad on your new achievement. I recently completed 3 years with AdSense and its really a great feeling when we see the badge on our AdSense account.


Hi @Mohammad, First of all thank you for sharing your success with us and congrats. Would you like to show how much earned in last 7 years with adsense?(I am from Tax Depart. :slight_smile: if you don’t mind.

Regards, M Imran


Congrats On Your Success With Adsense It Proves that Adsense is the king.


Congratulations dear and I am seeing your relationship with adsense on top of the advertising industry. All the best for your future journey with adsense


Very impressive achievement @Mohammad… Please can you share your approx total $$$$$$ from adsense for motivation…


I respect your kind request but always remember buddy that it is against business ethics to share earnings in public because it can develop both a sense of motivation and demotivation amongst masses. Motivation for those who are new in this field and depression for those who are working hard day and night but can’t happen to reach their goals. Thus we always try to keep our Income reports secret for the sake of giving a better mentoring impression rather bragging about how big our pockets are. :innocent:


A good reply!!!

Now I have an answer to such questions, where asked in social medias and offline talks.


hi… nice to hear that… I wish be better next


Many top bloggers will agree with you. Most don’t want to share because they don’t wanna get attention of hackers. Correct me if I am wrong!


Woho, Congrats @Mohammad. There is only one way to get success – hard work, hard work and hard work :slight_smile: