Only one or two blog posts are loaded in my Blogger page


Hi All,

I have a web site which is hosted in blogger. I am using the “perish” blogger template. The issue is, when my page loads, the template is configured to load 7 posts, only one or two posts are loaded. Same problem is there when I navigate to the pages 1 and 2 so on. Because of this issue, many of my posts are getting skipped.

My blog is here : www. (Sorry the website is not allowing me to put the links or upload files :frowning:

Any help would be much appreciated!!


As per your source code. Your blog is showing only 3 posts. It might be the problem with your template. Try changing the value of this perPage: 4, in your template and get back here.


Thanks Anubhav for the reply. I tried changing this PerPage:4 to higher values, like 10 or 20. But the same issue is there. The forum is not allowing me to add files or give links, so I am unable to share my template. Even same thing happens with my labels. In the top menu I have added some search labels, but if I have 8 posts with the same label, only 2 or 3 posts are displayed!


Try inserting the “break jump” within your posts. It breaks your posts into parts only for the homepage.


Thanks a ton @Rohan It worked like a charm. This simple solution saved my time an energy. I am very grateful for your help.


It’s my pleasure to help you. I’m so glad it worked. :smiley: