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I have a blog with only one post. Since both the homepage link and post link will go to basically the same page, I was wondering if I should remove one of the links from Google Search to maybe avoid repition of content. If you think I should this, which one should I remove from Search, homepage or the post? Thanks


Keep both the blog homepage and item page intact. Do not remove if the content is displayed inside a Blog widget on homepage like posts normally display on homepage. Since the homepage is linking to the post page, search engines will not consider it as duplicate content. It’s just ok! :innocent:

I assume that you are treating your blog as a landing page, if that is true then you can simply remove the BLOG widget and use your blog as an HTML page where you can add content from the Template section. Read the following tutorial where I have discussed how to do that:

:link: Convert your Blog into a Blank Static HTML Page.