One of the WordPress blog is copying my Content badly


One of the WordPress blog ( is copying my entire contents without giving credit links. What to do ? He is getting traffic without hard work. How to remove him from Google search result ? Please anyone help. @Mohammad @Nafees @Rohan @vector @nandhini_maths_src @itsoodie @darkdevil49


The first step should be - request to take down the copied content. If he refuses to take down the content, contact the Ad publishers and the company which provides him hosting and domain. I am sorry that this happened to you. Almost all the bloggers have to face this.

Find more at: How to Prevent My Content From Being Copied?


It’s really sad when someone copies our content which is done with lots of hardwork.Now as rohan said that contact him to take the content down or report him to host because wordpress does not take reports of selfhosted blogs and sites so that’s not possible.After you solve this issue I recommend you to protect your blog by registering with CopyScape or DMCA.

Good luck!


I have requested the site Administrator. He is not in a position to take it down. Thanks for the info @Nafees @Rohan


Oh that’s sad. Do take further steps that we have suggested under this topic and the one whose link I shared with you.