On Which Topic Or Niche Should I Blog?


Hi! Guys

I want to know that on which topic should I create a blog. A know a lot about blogger, windows and PS3 Gaming and HTML. But most of all is HTML and Gaming. Please guide me that on which topic should I blog. Want a reply from @Shivansh @Rohan @Mohammad

Anxiously waiting for the reply.


@HassanTahir, You should create a blog in the niche in which you are interested. After seeing your interests, which are Blogger, Windows HTML and games, I suggest you to create a multi-niche blog. I know that you have to do extra work on a multi niche blog but i know, you can do. You can give ‘Hassan’s Tech Portal’ or ‘Tech Portal’ or any name give to your blogger blog and then, create separate categories for HTML posts, Gaming posts, Blogger posts and Windows posts and keep your blog’s template clean. Then, whenever you go to post something, choose 1 of the four categories that your post is about Blogger or Windows or Gaming or HTML so that, your blog readers will not get confused. By this, you can give a nice structure to your blogger blog. After all this, buy a custom domain, then create social pages, then write quality posts and then do what you do in an ordinary blog.

You can give more categories to your post but don’t forget to choose 1 from that four.

That’s all!

~Shivansh Verma Skv


Hi @HassanTahir, We had a similar question before so let me quote my own reply -

I hope this helps. All the best!

~ Rohan.


If you have good blogging skills and Know much about Blogger and Wordpress then you can start a blog about Wordpress and Blogger (something about Blogging) :slight_smile: