Off-Page SEO Plan and Advice for a static stie and blog site


My friend has a static website of some services. i need to rank his website, in most of the keyword his website is on the first page of google search but in the end. what should i do to rank it. He rites article on keywords and publish in the same website under a blog page. i had two plans in my mind.

  1. write 10 articles on a 10 keyword and publish on the same site which i wana rank. and let see if it rank those keywords.
  2. make 10 Websites on sub-domain like wordpress tubmlr and all with a good DA. Publish 10 articles on a single keyword on a single site. interlink all 10 sites with each other, and give links to the main site.

Which one should i go for? or suggest me another plan. btw same i am thinking to do for my blog sites too. please give me your valuable suggestions :smile:


Can you give me your friends URL I want to check somethings.


can u tell me what are u looking for and i will tell u? i feel uncomfortable with sharing his link.

however two blog sites i mentioned that i will be applying the same plan are www.thenextrex,com


great question I am also looking for this answer.

Right now I am working on a website a client from london Having Accounting business website. This is static website ranked well due to his website age but my target is to rank it more but problem is this it is static website :stuck_out_tongue: and another problem is that it is accounting website means boring :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: now what to do :stuck_out_tongue:


@OwaisMughal bro let me know what you planned and share your experience :smile:


check this site what do you think about this guess :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: what plaingin is going on to this website ??? then i’ll share you my stratgy :wink:


i am new on ranking static sites :frowning: well i saw your site, and only plan i had is to pray to God, if you pray with true heart then ur site will be ranked :stuck_out_tongue: kidding lol :stuck_out_tongue: btw i am thinking, writing blogs? and trying your keywords? how about this?


hahaaha @The_Next_Rex great i am also praying for you


link exchange is not preferred by google :stuck_out_tongue: i am not sure about pray exchange :stuck_out_tongue: lets try :stuck_out_tongue:


@The_Next_Rex Lol that’s surely going to work better then SEO :laughing:

P.S You guys are getting lil bit cozy and distracted from the topic you can continue in PM


There are many of wrong myths about link building for ranking.

Many months ago, John Muller aka Google Engineer (like Matt cutts), said in hangouts,

“Many of people think, if we build some education backlinks to our site then we will get higher ranking, but most of education site have not enough pagerank, that will pass to your site, So How such a site can pass reputation to you, when they have not enough for them.”

So, if you point any website in your blog post, then it will not help in ranking, because your new blog have not any reputation from other sites.

Hope you get my points.


yes i got it, means we should try and get backlink with only high PR sites?

what i am doing now is writing 10 articles for same keyword and interlinking it. hope it increase my ranking what do u say?