Not able to save the Widget in Layout Section


Hello Everyone,

This is my first post here and I hope, I will get the solution of this issue from experts here.

  1. It actually started when I was trying to change the design of my template and adding new widget but after adding the widget, when I try to move it to different location in layout section of blogger and save the changes, I get a message “An error occurred, please refresh the page and try again

  2. Again, when I try to preview the layout, I get this error message:The template is updated in other place. Please reload the original page and try again. Error 500

Moreover, when I exited without saving, the new gadget is present in the place where I added it anyway.

I am fed up with the changes suggested by others and for you guys I have even pointed them below so you don’t need to research whole issue again. You can try the recommendation pointed below may this work for you but these recommendations not worked for me actually.

Solution by Others

(Which is not working for me :frowning: ) May be it will help you.

Others said that whey they removed the widget that has code visible mobile=‘only’ then they are able to save the widgets without any error and also we make sure that we haven’t deleted any compulsory widgets like attribution tag.

Second they are also suggested that there is a tag line right to the footer of blogger i.e “powered by blogger” you must not remove it.

Guys I just want that please come with more ideas and solve this issue not only for me but hundreds of other bloggers.


@rah Follow These Steps:

  1. First Clear The browser Cache
  2. Delete the browser cookies
  3. Relaunch the browser


i am not expert but in my thinking it can remove from template edit because i was facing same problem i work day and night but i was unable to delete infolink after that i open my blog view page source :smile: than i copy that and serach in my blog template edit it will find and i remove it but i faced problem in saving i press ctrl +z than i delete again [b.widget -------\b wigdet i deleted and save than i success you can search your widget in template inshallah you will find than delete it and save if you do any mistake so press ctrl +z :smiley: and save again last setting but i dont know about saving problem muhammad can help you better i am just a member

 I think, You need to remove any previous widget completely from the HTML Editor (Not via Layout). 

      <b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar' preferred='yes'>
      <b:widget id='HTML1' locked='false' title='' type='HTML'>

Remove the All Widgets Tags from Beginning to End Completely and then try to add new widget from the Layout.

Hope, It will work for You and Let me know, If you need any help.


Thanks @AmmarAli for your response, yes I already did what you have suggested forget to add this too on above recommendation. But even after cleared the cooking and history nothing works out :pensive:


Hmm actually I had sent private message to @Mohammad before, at that time I didn’t know about this community I actually follow all his tutorial to design my blog, He is such a genius guy.


@GKVish Thanks for your response but don’t you think if I remove all the widgets it will remove the design and look n feel of my blog, see I don’t want to design my blog again from scratch just because of this. I just want to edit existing code and get my blog to normal stage where it was before.


@rah It was just for solving the issue “Unable to save Widget”. Once this issue resolved . You can add all the widget again. (You can back up your all widget code before doing this.) . This does not remove “Add a Widget” option but can solve your problem.


@rah, can you kindly tell me what you have done before you got this issue?


You Should Try These Steps- 1- Clear Cache Of Your Browser 2- Try To Open In Other Browser 3- Delete Cookies 4- Check That If Java script Is Enables Or Not Now I Think So Your Problem Will be solved


Hello @rah,

I am a Blogger Template Designer so i know that why this error occured. Your Template is must a Clone of WordPress Theme. Wordpress Theme’s Sidebar is made in between some special tags like <aside>. You need to edit your Template. First go to template then Edit HTML. Find Sidebar Codes and remove this code like <aside>.

<b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar' preferred='yes'>
      <b:widget id='HTML1' locked='false' title='' type='HTML'>

If <aside> tag contain any ID or Class then change <aside> to <div> tag.

Maybe, your template contain any other code except Aside then give us your site link for better examine.

Harman Singh Hira
Design Devta


@HarmanSinghHira Thanks for your helping hand, look I haven’t found any “aside” tag and I am pretty sure that it is not a wordpress theme, can you gimme your skype id? so that I can discuss this with you side by side and shall find the solution of this issue.


@Shivansh, Actually it all started eventually, then I came across many articles like don’t remove powered by blogger attribution or something related to it so I thought it may be because of this but then I came to know that there are many who are not facing such issue even after removing the blogger attribute. Even same question asked by subscriber (search for this name “adrian lucernas” ) in @Mohammad blog post here but he didn’t get any reply :stuck_out_tongue:


And can you tell me that which widget you moved and got this error? I will helep you to find its id. You only need to remove that widget and after this, all things will work fine!


Hello @rah, Give us your Site Link for examine…


@Shivansh, I have said before to Remove the All Widget from the HTML , Because When We remove Widget via Layout , Some Code of the widget might be left . So, Try to remove the widget codes within

  <b:section..> .. Remove these codes.. </b:section>   

. May be It help.


Well I think, we don’t have to remove all widgets.

@Rah, The widget you moved (before getting that error) click on its edit link and you will see a error. Right? Note down the id of that widget by looking its url and on last, its like HTML01 or anything. Now, go to template editor and search for that id and remove related code.


Dude… This is not right way. Removing Widget from Template…


This Error also occur while dragging Widgets. And, i know why this error appear. @rah, just give us your Site Link…


Guyz I had sent message to @Mohammad and he will soon reply here, I will especially thanks to HarmanSinghHira, GKVish, Shivansh for their efforts, somehow they helped me to solve my other issues with widgets which I was Ignoring them for so long. :relieved:


Sorry to say @HarmanSinghHira, actually I don’t want to reveal the link for some reason. But still thanks for taking interest on my issue.