Not able to Find Old Posts in Blogger Dashboard


Hi Friends,

I have approx 10,000 blog posts and running from 2011

  1. From last few days i’m trying to search my Old posts in Blogger dashboard for re edit and Post. But i can not find Last year Posts on Dashboard.

  2. My Number page navigation showing only 19 Pages, in fact i must have 200+ pages since i have 10,000+ posts. may be there is some problem in my blog that is not allowing to search Old posts.

Please Help me, Appreciated your efforts.

My Blog URL is: http:// www . dealdimer .com


Hi @Mohammad,

Hi @Mohammad,

I’m searching it from soo long and did not get any cause, but i have the confident now that i’m sure you will find a solution. I’m following your Posts from Years and learnt soo much. Thanks for ALL.


10K posts is a big landmark and congratulations for it.

By default Blogger has the following limitations:

  • Blog description – 500 characters max
  • Number of blogs – 100 blogs per account
  • Number of labels – 5,000 unique labels per blog, 20 unique labels per post
  • Number of postsThere is no such limit
  • Static Pages – Limited to 20 standalone pages.
  • Team members – 100 invitations per blog

So that means you can write as many posts as you wish because there is no defined limit on number of posts yet.

  1. This Blogger search box for finding posts in your dashboard can not be guaranteed because it is not as efficient as Google custom search which I did not find on your site. You must add it as a widget on your blog to better help your readers and yourself in searching the site deeper and quicker.
  1. Page Navigation widgets are often developed to display at most 10,000 maximum results, because the jSON call is made by passing the following parameter


I am not sure what max-limit is passed in your navigation widget. Therefore I would advise that you replace the numbered navigation widget on your side with the following one


Hi @Mohammad

Thanks for your Quick reply.

Sure i’ll change Number page Navigation as you requested, but i’m sure there is some thing i did mistake and not able to search older posts.

ex: i can search some posts before 2012 in Google seach but same post can’t find in simple search in dashboard (if i manually click next next next, then i can see the same post.)

i tried with all keywords under the same post to search.


Hey wait? Why clicking next if you can simply choose the pagenumber from the drop down menu for Page Count? Blogger shows only 100 posts at a time on dashboard.



I do the same, but i may not know the post where it exists in exact number. so i do next once i reached nearest. Any way thanks a Ton for Suggestion.

I tried with your HTML code in Number page navigation but no Changes, failed again

Showing Pages (18) 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next

I changed max number of Posts to 28

That means 28 x 18 = 504 that mean it limited to 500 posts. can you guess where i may used max number post 500.

I guess in index we use max limit to 500 for each line, but i don’t think it may effect


Hi @Mohammad,

please find and suggest a Solution wen ever you free, waiting for your reply.


Hello Friends & Techies,

Still I’m looking for a solution for my Number page navigation issue.

Please provide a solution if i did any mistake in template, @ www(.)dealdimer(.)com


Apart from the solution, the navigation widget is aimed to provide latest and oldest topics in a range of about +100 and -100 because that is the maximum one would try to navigate your site through the widget else why would someone waste time navigating all 10,000 posts via it? What is the purpose of Search box then?


First :slight_smile: It may be true :smile:
But here I just concerned about it as it worked earlier before 2 months.

Once I changed to new template… this problem has started and i’m keep on searching for solution and failed


That is true templates which uses jSON API to call post titles, description snippets and date and timestamps often has this problems of jQuery conflict. The only way to help you would be to manually install this widget on your blog, remove all scripts one by one and then see if it works through trial and error. We call it debugging which is quite a time consuming effort. This is one reason why I often recommend templates which are light weight and free of too many fancy scripts or at least well coded.

Templates can be designed by anyone but syntax optimization and keeping synchronization in scripts is something that makes one a perfect programmer which I rarely see in blogger template designers these days.


I have the same problem only 17 pages is shown no matter what i try, maybe its the template? i have template from the same place as you.