Node is empty. Double check that this is desired and consider removing


Why does the Structured Data Testing Tool report “Node is empty”

pls help fix these problem from i got these 3 warnining that says Node is empty. Double check that this is desired and consider removing. and i dont really understant what it meant by node and how do i solve these issue?

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That sounds like a structured data error. Your blog have no microdata tags present to better describe different elements on your blog. It is easy to fix please read the following tutorial:

:link: [Fix Data Structured Errors in Blogger][1]

It will fix all errors that you see in rich snippets tool or webmaster :thumbsup: :innocent: [1]:


still showing the same error and could not find in my template. @Mohammad



What’s your blog url. Kindly always share all details while asking a question so that we may save time and help properly


@Mohammad OK, here is blog url


By “empty”, the tool means that there are no (further) marked up content in there. You must be using schema Parent tags and not using child microdata tags to further describe the content of the container. I would help corrected this for you if Google validator might have highlighted the sections.

This wont effect your Site SEO, its just a alert to remind you to try adding some microdata tags. You can ignore this for sure.