No traffic. what are the solutions


hi there my name is khaled i am a new blogger, I have a blog about tech and i put tutorials for free and also news But there is no traffic on the blog, I have good posts and good videos but no one sees them. And that will push me to give up is there is any advice for me please? and what are the ways to get traffic to your blog ? for free


Please Share Your Blog URL , So that we can inspect your blog and find out the problems.

Note- You May Not Be Able To Put Link Therefore First Put Your URL And Then Enclose It In Code Box :smiley:


It is not about any errors, or fixing solution. It is all about patient, and your hardwork, that bring your blog to the next level.

No one can success in blogging within few months. Look out Harsh agarwal, he is master on blogging, and he runs many other blogs as well, but shoutmeloud is only one blog, that is popular among others blog like shoutmetech, wpfreesetup etc. He may be running many blogs, but he did not get that much success, that he got from shoutmeloud.

You should focus, on what you know about it. There are many of people who do blogging for money, I have no problem on that, But you should do blogging that you know about it. Do not select popular niche, that is already taken by many of master.