No Title Shown when i use Infinity Scrolling script


Hello to everyone from sunny Greece.

I have a problem with my site I try to add an infinity scrolling script but after the scrolling the older posts doesnt have post title.

In my template the posts take post-tilte from a script like this:

<script type='text/javascript'>
var x="<data:post.title/>",y="<data:post.url/>",z="<>",t="<data:post.timestamp/>";readmore("<>")

The scrolling script i try to use is in this

Can anyone help me with my problem?


I visited your site but did not found the script installed there. I guess you removed it. Your blog uses a different layout unlike the Traditional vertical layout. Infinite scroll plugin is designed for content displayed in vertical order. You blog has a custom design with posts displayed in timeline manner.

I could still help if you add the plugin and inform me back so I could test and debug to provide a valid solution. I am sure this looks like some sort of CSS conflict.


Ok I put back the script. I believe the problem is that the scrolling script doenst recognize the template script for title and read more. Please take a look. Thank you very much!


I checked your template. Your template needs some code tweaking. The script needs to be modified slightly with respect to your post-body containers. The methods involved are complex so I would therefore request that you better consult our premium services for this query because it can not be discussed here due to the complexity of work and time involved.