Next Level of Content Stealers and You can't even file DMCA


Well, its a long time since I am here, at least more than 2 years, so Hello everyone.

I am here to share my experience on content stealers. So, I used to run a Blog named UltimatePCTech.Org which was on Blogger. I moved to NZ and started studying and quit blogging for a while. I back with new Blog and tbh left my UPCT blog for dying. I renew it for a year as well but didn’t post anything. This year in September 16th, it expired. I didn’t renewed as I wasn’t using it. I got an email from GoDaddy that the domain is removed from my account on 24th October. I didn’t bother.

So, this month I thought, well take a look at my blog. Guess what? Domain is there and my content as well. The different is the owner, theme and platform. Someone else renewed it just after one month of expiration and just copied my all content as well.

Are you f*****g serious dude? Like, literally everything is same even after I left that domain, just I am not there.

I like the stealer’s work because that a*****e make all the link looks exact same as well. Now the hosting is on WP. I don’t know how he did but all the links are same. Like, post URLs, Labels URL, etc. Maybe he did this with the help of some plugin.

I tried to find the new admin via Whois but no luck. I tried to contact GoDaddy and Google Copyright team but they are also unable to do anything because everything is same as before. Domain name is same, URLs are same and content is same. They both suggest me to hire a Copyright Lawyer. Yea, of course like I am just booking appointment. LOL!!

So, what we learn from this? Even if you have plans to left domain, don’t just stop renewing it. First renew the domain name at least for a year. Delete all the content from it and then leave the domain.

Because there are some companies out there, who renewing leftover domains and then copy all the content that is on them. Then they put plenty of advertisements on them.

Be careful nowadays Harman