Need Your reviews and suggestion for my domain


Assalm o Alikum And Hi All friends

i purchased one expired domain from and i need your reviews and suggestion about it. how i can use and manage it in nice way.

my domain have PR 2(Page rank is 2) and its verified page rank, as i checked this with different tools but amazing this is that for this domain, it have just 1 backlink and it have PR 2

i need answers of these questions

  1. is my Domain’s PR is valid ? (according to tools its valid)
  2. if it is valid PR then how i can improve and maintain PR ?(i have plan to get more good backlinks then this PR will stay stable)
  3. how i can get benefits from this domain ?


@junaid_juni Olaikum Salam brother did you check Web Archive before buy. If your expired domain already banned from google by violating gogole rules then it will be most difficult to use this domain again, whatever it’s PR or Backlink. If this domain not banned by google then you are in luck. First check that your domain is ok then work for your domain. Yes if all the pr checker shows the same then it’s ok.