Need Suggestions from Senior Bloggers


Hi all the Legends, I have read many articles on the internet about what to do and what not to do with the blog. But there is too much redundancy, means one problem (or one aspect of blogging) there are many solutions.

For example, if I search, how to optimize blogger blog for SEO? I will get many solutions, I have read them. But I am little confused, what will work?

The purpose of posting this question here is to ask all the senior bloggers to share their experience. All legends, please post here your biggest mistake in the past, and also the solution to that mistake, so newbies like me can learn from their real-time experience. Please include every aspect of Blogging with blogspot, don’t be specific to SEO.


You can also refer to links on the internet, which actually worked with you.


This Is Really A Big Question To Tell About ! :smiley:

Really In My 1 year blogging experience I’ve learned a lot ! and cant explain all of them here.

But you should follow good blogs like - MBT , MBL , Quicksprout And Follow Them And I’m Damn Sure You’ll Become A Blogging King In Future (Same Happened With Me !) :smiley:

I’ve already written in my blog that they more you read the more you learn !

So read as much newbie guides as you can so that you may learn blogging easily :smiley:


That’s unnecessarily elaborated. What you need to do is when you find a useful tutorial, and that works for you do stick to that website and follow every post. MBT is this famous because they provide useful content. Remember

The first impression is the last impression.

Well failure is when you stop trying.The biggest mistake I made is choosing blogging as a full time career in the beginning. I did what was necessary, I worked like hell, I earned few k’s and now its time to launch my new website.


Hey nitishk, i know the answer to this question is too big. But if everyone share one thing, this thread will be a great guide. Hope you will reply here something specific topic.


Wow, Nafees. I got really great advice,

The biggest mistake I made is choosing blogging as a full time career in the beginning.

Thanks for your reply. This will really help me and other readers.