Need suggestions for color combinations in my template


I have a tech blog at

I am using a template which is mostly white, i want to know whether my template is looking good now or should i change colors of some of the things like sidebar widget background, comments section, footer or background color of my template. All suggestions are welcome


Bro He is not asking for how to change template color instead he wants color suggestions for his template ! :smiley:


oh sorry i didn’t read the full topic properly … thanks for telling :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Sad :pensive: nobody have time to give suggestions.


Okay I checked out your blog and the colors were simple which makes the best user reading experience :wink: Therefore keep the template as it is as the designer has looked after colors and find this color best !


@FabDev, the suggestions that I can give are:

  • Keep the color of GetSiteControl’s widgets red. Don’t change it to green.
  • Don’t hide the footer to hide credits. (off-topic suggestion, but still, a suggestion).


I changed it to green to get more attraction and also on posts page it was looking similar to previous - next post navigation buttons. So what u think should i keep it green or change back to red?