Need Suggestions About My New Template And Blog


Hello Bloggers Today I Want You To Review My New Blog And Template Which Is At -
:link: Please Try To Give Me Suggestions And Report If You find any problem :sunny:

Please Give Me Review About -

  • Its Design
  • User Interface
  • Content
  • Template Design
  • Any Other Thing

Thanks In Advance :slight_smile: And Good Luck :wink:


It’s Design:

  • The design is so simple. Consider to add a background (any image; not a simple color).

  • Don’t use many shadows in your template and don’t use many transition effects.

  • Try to add simple hover effects. Don’t make them attractive.

  • Don’t place any widget or whole widget on center (like subscribe widget).

  • Add this CSS to remove the margins:

    body {margin:0!important}

  • Try to use better images (use Photoshop). Don’t just snip pictures of Font Awesome Icons.

  • Don’t write your blog’s name in the center and in large font size on featured images. Try to write it small and in the bottom-right corner of your images.

  • Divide the page into two sections - Main-wrapper (post) and Sidebar-wrapper (for sidebar).

  • Try to give 20% margins on both sides and keep the wrappers’ background different with the main background’s.

  • Use JavaScripts to stylize your template. Use menus that automatically convert them into an expandable menu on mobile screens instead of using that menu.

  • Don’t make every element smooth.

  • Don’t use many effects on your template.

Any Other Thing:

  • Try to use good writing style.

For example, this text:

Do You Want More Traffic ? Of course ! Why Not , Therefore Subscribe Us To Receive Daily Updates With Gifts And Special Posts In Your Inbox For Free ! Just Enter Your Email Address And Hit The Button ! :slight_smile:

Can be written as:

Thinking about why there is low traffic on your blog? Therefore Subscribe us today. We’ll send you our daily updates that will bring you a lot of traffic if you use them wisely. We would send you our free stuffs like templates too for free!


  • Not so bad. But not so good. 4/10.
  • Try to write unique. Don’t write what you have learned but write what you have got and researched.

Over. I hope you will improve your template.


Don’t take this otherwise…

You have done a superb job but it look is totally childish like someone has learned about 2 days ago. Take some time to learn.

Design: Now material design is Going on go with it You are using outdated premium theme(forget theme name).

User Interface: As a reader if your site look like this I will never visit to it after one visit.

Content: I can’t rate your content because I am not so proffessional to compare content(sorry for that).

Template Design: Don’t copy other template Make you own vivid creation into action

Any Other Thing: Use third party template for some which is fit for your site and modify the template time to time as per your need.

Last Word: You are totally doing like me what I have done in past, simultaneously taking all work at like reasearch on content and dedicating time on design so don’t do that. I know you are very talented and I know that you would create some amazing thing, Belief in yourself. There is a quote-

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Take some time to do something huge. Waiting for that.

Happy Blogger and Coding Also God Bless You


BRO The Template I’m Using Is Fully Created By Me And That’s Why Its Not So Good As I,m New to blogger templates and created this template in only 3-4 days.

And Please Tell Me What Do You Don’t Like About UI As The Simple Is The Best ! :smiley:

And Really The Quote You Have Given is very motivating :sunny:

P.S May God Bless You More And Enrich Your Life With Joy :smile:


Well, I am not expert in CSS, but you have said, review my template, So I am writing this.

At this time, I did not see any sidebar and whole content is placed under full width. so add one right sidebar, or don’t use full width, and make your blog post layout on center.

I think, you have collected some of parts from other blogger post/template, It’s fine, but parts are not match with each other. For example, Previous and next post, Related Post, Sharing button, and the footer. So It should match with each other.


Thanks Bro For Your Kind Review :slight_smile:

Surely Apply What You’ve Said :wink:


Thanks Bro For Your Excellent Review :blush:

I’m Working For Your Points But Please I Was Having Problem In Adding A Sidebar So Please Hep Me :wink:


Thank You , BTW I’ve Just Updated It Please Check It Again :smiley:

  • Hi @ngtechzone give a max-width to #main-wrapper so that your content can’t stretch in big screen. Have you seen your content in LCD or bigger screen and use margin: 0 auto, display: block so that your content may in center.

  • Use auto read more script

  • All element are stretch don’t do this it’s like messy

Do you want simple website look at this and just copy and modify for it


Thanks For The Suggestions :wink:

I Just Wanted To Keep The Template Simple And Light , That’s why I’ve not added read more script. :blush:


Any Other Suggestions ?? If So Please Give Me :smiley:


Dear @ngtechzone,

Sorry to say you. You are not working hard for your blogger template. You are just copying and pasting the tutorials of other blogs.

  1. your blog footer design taken from
  2. your blog background and color style something like the
  3. And, your blog width is not right.

One thing, I can say you that your blogger blog is responsive.

If you are stuck in blogger blog design. Then you can use any free template of btemplates or goyabytemplates. Otherwise, you can take help from @Shivansh, he is a very good designer. You can also contact me…



1- Sorry But That Footer Is Removed I Think !

2- The Background Is Same , You May Also Use It :smiley:

3- Please tell me how much width should i change to :smiley:



@VishalChopra, thanks for giving me value. I am glad that you liked my work.

I am agree with you that [quote=“VishalChopra, post:14, topic:4396”] your blog background and color style something like the [/quote]

I would say that MBT has created that background image but @ngtechzone and also MBT have used the scrollbar effect used on Blogger Guider. As, it can be done with just some CSS codes; I have no problem with it. :slight_smile:

@ngtechzone, please add at least a sidebar to your blog and decent margins.


UPDATE- I’ve Added A Sidebar In The Template So Please Check The Template Again :smiley:


Hey Bloggers , I’ve Just Added A New Feature Which Is Take Tour ! Please Check It Out ! :smiley: