Need Suggestion to my blogger website


Hi Bloggers,

One of my old website is still running in blogger platform and I was not blogging on that domain from long time. But now I think its better to try the same.

Website is

I want to keep the blog in blogger platform only. But I am not sure what are the parameters to correct on this theme to make the website SEO friendly and Clean from Google eye.

Can you pls check out the website and suggest me the points to correct? Thanks in advance.


Hi there Santanu ,

Blogger has been on a steep rise in terms of quality and designs. A lot of new feature are being availed to us by the web developers.

Well, I’ve never been into this niche yet and thus I’m not sure about the what design works. But, I guess you should switch to a theme that looks funky and use sliders.

Moreover, many of your posts images are broken and a few links like contact , about us doesn’t seem to be working. Fix them up !


Thanks @souravsudhi,

I am working on this site and it will take some time to fix them all.

Would you suggest few good blogger themes which is SEO friendly, Mobile friendly.