Need List Site Like


Hello, friends, Recently I am doing SEO for my blogs with Different ways but I found that Backlinks which coming from Site like they Giving more positive result, So I need a Big list of site like, So also I wanna know that these type backlinks are safe? @Mohammad Thanks


I get your point buddy but can you explain a bit this statement

Positive in what sense? Did you see a traffic boom or better organic search?


Yes bro traffic really boom, My organic traffic 250% increased after doing SEO using these type sites.


I have not yet utilized this service but of course sites with a huge community user base do effect traffic tremendously but you need to be continuously feeding data into them for temporary traffic increase. It is another form of a social service like reddit, stumbleupon or diggit. All links from these sites are nofollow in nature so they benefit you only with traffic but not in Page Authority or PR juice.

I am big fan of youtube and facebook when it comes to traffic. You can also try yahoo answers which works great too

PS: @Rohan Can you explore this service more ( and educate readers with it through some posts?


Yes Sir you can do an experiment on any one keyword and You can share your experiment with us, Actually site like stumbleupon or diggit, Facebook all are using so, to create better link juice, Site like can help us more. because now blogging Competition is more higher


Thank you @Mohammad for the post idea. I would love to write about this curation service. I was going through the site and I came across some highly reputed blogs and sites were featured there. Looks very interesting. Bloggers might like it!

I will definitely write a post on this. Placing it on my list.
~ Rohan.


Thank you for the idea buddy. We will experiment on it and share it with readers.

@Rohan So glad to hear that. Do embed their video too as shared below


The video explains the platform very precisely. Curah! aims to provide the best content, curated by the experts. Impressive! :thumbsup:


I wasn’t aware of such a platform. Thanks for exposing me to this platform :slight_smile: Let’s Curah !


@Mahendrakumar Since you already are a member of Curah! would you mind reading this post at STC network’s and suggest improvements if any. I have tried my best to use this service and provide all the relevant information.

Thanks @Mohammad for the content idea. And @souravsudhi you might find this useful.

Link to the post: Curah! – A Place To Find And Share Great Technical Content.


OMG! This is indeed a great research. They are allowing do follow links, OMG! Is it true??? Yes it is :O… I am right now doing a small research :OOOO. Can’t believe what I am watching


@Rohan :), You forgot to put that read more tag in the article :).


@HusnainMz, lets make this conversation sound more civilized by avoiding excessive and incorrect use of punctuations. Thanks for reminding about the “Read More” tag. I am a Blogger user and I am learning to use WordPress editor.

If you have any suggestions about do follow links let me know. :slight_smile:


I really don’t know that where I have used an incorrect punctuation. As far as my response to this news is concerned, then please let me say I am responding in the most suitable manner. Who can believe that a domain like microsoft will allow do-follow links from a very busy page(i.e. Sub domain).

This is a bit strange, any SEO guy can tell you that what value these do follow links have and how much shocking this discovery is. :slight_smile:


There were too many question marks, periods and 'O’s in your post Husnain. I am sure you won’t use these many in your blog posts. The same is expected here. :slight_smile:

And I am completely confused about the later part of your reply.

~ Rohan.