Need help with structure data JSON-D script for Local Business Markup


Hi, after a long time here. Needed some help with the structure data. I am working with a client who is having offices at several places. Can I add multiple structured data JSON-D script with data of all the locations on a single page?

Also should I use organisation markup for it or local business. Its kind of a coaching institute.

Please also guide me about review markup, can I add multiple reviews and then a script for aggregate review and can I add fake data to aggregate review?



Hi dear @NamanKumar

Always a pleasure seeing you here.

For structured data you must add the organisation markup and enclose all other tags within it. Use our Schema Validator tool to try out JSON-LD and debug your markup

Why would you use multiple JSON-LD on a single page. Better create separate pages for each location with some description about each and then add the script for each there. Please read

Aggregate review is added when you allow users to post reviews. You collect those reviews and display a sub-total using a script. But if you are generating reviews automatically then same method applies. In other words aggregate review is the average value of all the reviews posted on a page. For two reviews have value 2/5 and 3/5 the aggregate would be 2.5/5

Also make sure to link the website address to Google map maker so that office location is displayed in SERPS on the right panel next to search listing. Type STCnetwork to see it.


Thanks a lot @Mohammad for answering my question. Well I figured a way by have a structure for markup, in which the main office be the organisation and others be the sub-organisations.

The google business is all set up. I want the website to get display in local listing in search results.

Like if you search for “python training in bangalore”, I want the website to get listed in the map locations of different businesses in the search result.

Moreover, I am using JSON-LD markup script not microdata, should I add the script for local business on every page or the website?

Thank a lot for your reply, looking forward to get some more help :slight_smile: .


Hi can you send me note how did you resolve your issue.I also struck on the same issue.If possible please send e IM explining the code