Need help my friends how i add icon to my labels?


good evening my friends i need some help plz ,how i add icon to my labels?i have in my blog more then 10 labels and what i want to do like that:i need put icon for example this blog: how he put star in labels how i do it? thanx for the help my friends(i have blogger)


Good Morning,

It’s not a tough job at all my friend. He added a css style.

find this type of code in your template.

.sidebar li {

change its style add this line if you want star, you can add anything.

.sidebar li { background:url( no-repeat left center;

Hope it will help.

by the way share your blog’s URL with us.


first thanx a lot my friend you so much help to me ,but now all my label see the same how i give every label different icon?

by the way this is my blog :slight_smile: