Need Help In Selecting Seo Friendly Template


salam and Hi :stuck_out_tongue: i have three simple queries like a newbies. how i can select best seo friendly template for my blog?(blogspot) and if i have template then how i can check this is best seo supported template.and in last do you know any free template which has best seo features ? then kindly share it,Thanks in advance :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello Junaid, Welcome Blogger Help Forum.

Dear, the features of an blogger template should be:

  1. Responsive Can be viewed in all type of devices
  2. Good Looking The template you choose must look good.
  3. Fast Loading Page Loading effect seo. So, Always choose a light template

You can choose flat mag blogger template for your blogger blog.


Hello Junaid. Already @Shivansh has listed you some characteristics of a good SEO friendly template. I just want to add upon, how to check whether your’s one is so or not. You can easily check it by the help of your search responses. Just add your website to Google Webmaster, there you can easily moniter your website’s presence in searches. If you are getting good number of impressionsin search results then yes you are having a seo friendly template.

If you don’t know much about Google Webmasters then let me know. I’ll guide you further. Just send me private msg or drop me a line at

Keep asking you doubts like this. Thank you for a good question. Chears!


This one is a very good, clean and optimized plus SEO friendly template. K44 White By Urang Kurai . You can easly download the free version from here. Hope you’ll like it, if not then again let me know I’ll give you more.


In fact, I think every template can be SEO friendly. It’s just that you need to learn the basics of SEO as a sequence of headings, optimize images, set the outgoing links, nofollow dofollow, etc.

Don’t choose a template for SEO friendly but choose a template and make it SEO friendly :smile:


Everyone is not that much good at programming!


Yes, I understand. But to engage in SEO, we must try to understand (although only the base). There are so many tutorials and basic explanations about SEO in Internet (I think it could be understood) :smile:

If you use SEO friendly template and then not doing the ways of SEO, it is the same


Thanks All for great info and help <3 :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder, what is the main criteria we should look when a template state ‘SEO Optimized’ or ‘SEO friendly’?

Is there any tools to check it? Somebody suggest me to analyse it using Moz bars. Is it reliable?


You can check it on But remember don’t depend on the results shown there.



Hi dear,

I prefer to use SEO friendly professional looking blogger template of satank MKR’s Sevida

You can download it free or purchase it on themeforest:

Recently I have posted how to make blogger template SEO friendly on shoutersclub, if your blog template already have all these codes then your blogger template is 100% SEO friendly.

Or you can make your blog template SEO friendly without any knowledge of coding, just follow below link to know more about it:

Link: How To Make Blogger Template SEO Friendly

Thanks for dropping your query, hope you will like it, Have a great weekend :slight_smile: