Need help for site Indexning in google or major search engine



I am a blogger & my website is blogmean in wordpress.I have already written 103 articles but only 63 articles are indexed by google. Can any one please help me how to improve indexing? Also I am trying a lot but can not increase my webiste traffic.I am doing all things to make my website SEO optimized.PLease help. Thanks,



Bro Resubmit Your Website to Google Webmaster Tools. I hope this will help check this one : BloggingCrave


Hi @blogmean

It’s amazing that you have written 103 articles.

I see that you are using justwrite 2.02 theme for your blog.

To make it get indexed:

  1. Are you using Yoast?

  2. Have you submited it to Google Search Console.

If not, then let me know, I’ll explain you how to do it.