Need help adjusting the width of my blog


have a look at these screenshots, i need your help to make the width broader for both desktop and mobile devices.

thanks in advance.


@Shivansh can you help? really need some urgent help. thanks


still waiting for your reply guys. i hope someone can help. thanks


Apply this CSS code in your template

#post-wrapper { margin-left: -100px; }

it will work


@ankit where in the CSS should I put it? I’ve tried different spots but nothing has changed :frowning:


Add This Css Before ]]></b:skin> Tag In Your Blog’s Template. Just Like This-

post-wrapper {
margin-left: -100px;

Hope This Works For You :slight_smile:


if it don’t work then put the important attribute to it.

post-wrapper { margin-left: -100px !important; }


I’ve given both your suggestions a try but nothing’s changed @ankit, @ngtechzone. Not sure where to go from here :confused:


Try To Change The Width’s From Template Designer Available In Template Section :slight_smile:


it’s not available for my custom template. most custom templates do not have that option. Would you have a lookat my template? androidtipster .com thanks


Just add this CSS and you are done!

#outer-wrapper {
  margin-left: 0px !important;

and please tell me that the mobile screenshot is taken from which phone so I can give you a responsive css for mobile and tablet devices :wink:


that was from the iphone 6 but it looks the same on samsung as well. Let me try your suggestion. Really appreciate the effort :wink:


i feel terrible reporting back that this one too did not work. If i provide the original xml file for this template, would you guys be able to figure out how to do it?


Just tell me the name of the template actually try this one now

#outer-wrapper {
  margin-left: -10px !important;

and adjust -10px according to your need (increase it for ex to -20px)


the link to the template is this.


and adjust -10px according to your need (increase it for ex to -20px)

did you try this? Albert?


yes i tried it but nothing changed. i now believe that i have to change something else beside the css. did you get a chance to look at the template?


after trying once again, it looks like it’s finally working. Let me keep trying different margins until i reach the desired look. many thanks


Welcome bro if any more issues please lemme know :wink:


@Nafees is there something i can add to the css u gave me so that the margin on the right side can be reduced? The content has moved to the left side but the width is still the same.