Need a Quick Help From You Guys


Hello Guys, I am going to lunch my new Brand soon. I want to build my Brand with my Own Name as well . And for my exam i can not lunch at this now but it will lunch within next 35 days as well my exam will finish within those Time. I need some suggestion from you as well here are many Experts bloggers who are doing blogging for many years.

I want to go with also one Sub-Domain like or . It will be for our local area. And I want to do this cause, i know most of the blogs owners from our local area and that’s why i can easily contract a lot’s of traffic for my Sub Domain and i will also Rank in our local Area .

So, Do you think it will good for me? And If not, then why. I asked some bloggers also but i don’t get response none of them And that’s why i post this one on this community. Hope, i will get a good number of response from you Guys.

Thanks in Advance. Happy Blogging. Have a Good Week End


Hello @juniortonmoy Firstly Welcome To This Society.

Blogging has been a user sharing experiences and content sharing.Many Bloggers take step to earn money and many to do hard work and help others.So according to your question you should definitely try blogging as you will be able to get more social presence and become more famous through it.Making your own brand is a good idea!! So Go On!!! and one day you will definitely love blogging :heart:


@juniortonmoy It all depends on your niche or topic. On which topic you will blog on. A domain with some keyword related to your niche will rank higher.