Need a Help in Blogger to Find BUG



I am Chhaya. I am using Blogger since long time. Since Last 2-3 Months I am facing terrible issue in Blogger. I have choose to Show " 12 Posts " on Home Page. But Its not Showing 12 posts on Page.

Example : I have total 7 posts & creating 8th post. So Whenever I publish 8th Posts Homepage Shows only 6 posts instead of showing all posts.

After that I published 9th Post. Then Homepage shows Only 5 Posts instead of All Post. I am to frustrated with this issue & not able to work. Please Help.



Thanks to join this forum. Give the Answer of questions given below.

  1. Can you provide your Blog URL ? (Alternatively, you can fill your blog url in profile.)

  2. Are you using Page Number Navigation in your blog ?


Robin Singh



URL is & Previously I was not using Page Navigation but I am using it. I have also changed many templates but same issue.



Find this code in your template,

var configSummary = {
thumbnailSize: "w350", // Define the post thumbnail size
summaryLength: 250, // Define the summary length     
defaultView:'grid', // Default view Mode
postPerPage:6, // Number post every Page (work with PageNavi) 

Follow steps give below,

  1. Change postPerPage:6 with postPerPage:12 to display twelve post on home page
  2. Go to Blogger > Settings > Post and Comments and change Show at most value to 12.
  3. Go to Blogger > Layout and edit Blogger posts gadget. Thereafter, change Number of posts on main page to 12.

Hope, this will solve all of your issue.


Robin Singh


I have done same as you told but Still Same Issue Dear



You have forget to change postPerPage:6 in your template. Change it to postPerPage:12.

To do this, follow steps given Below.

  1. Go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML and Find this code in your this template.
  2. Change postPerPage:6 to postPerPage:12

I have just checked Your blog. This code is still showing without any change.


Robin Singh


I applied this code…but after that navigation was disappear from page…so I undo it.



Since, You are using Version 1 of Apriezt Theme. I suggest You to update this theme to version 1.2 or higher. Because there is a bug in this template as mentioned in official documentation from author on Themeforest (due to which you face this problem).

I have Setup one of my demo blog with Version 1.2 of apriezt theme after applying above mentioned solution. It works fine. I have sent message with link of my demo blog. Check your Inbox.

Alternatively, You can make me Admin in your blog for setup it (Send Invitation Request to my mail as mentioned in Message).

If you have any other issue, then let me know Via reply.


Robin Singh



Advice - Do not Copy Paste any data from internet into Compose Mode of Blogger Editor, Paste it directly in HTML Mode. Do edit your old posts which are not showing.

You Can check your Blog. I have added a test post in it. (Which you can removed).

Your Problem is now solved.


Robin Singh



Actually that is not a problem everyone thinks like. I think and believe that you are not adding ‘pagebreak’ while writing your content. This is the one of the biggest problem of blogger platform.

For the solution this is hard to cover. Actually, you have to edit all the posts you made and need to make a page break just after a or two phrase.

Here is a tutorial you can take it to understand that how and where to do it.

Good luck.

at first just add pagebreak for your 12 recent posts and then see your blog. Please reply if you found that solution.



Actually the real problem is that his posts are of more than 1MB size, That’s why blogger doesn’t shown them. (Blogger Limits Apllied.).

The script used to show post is already do this for @Chhaya_Parikh’s Blog. Now, I have already Solved his Problem.


Robin Singh


I can understand, so this is why I recommended to try page break option while writing content.


Sorry I was unable to post reply more than 8 times per day as I new user.


I have tried out " Page Break " trick & its works successfully.


You are also right that I am always copy paste data into compose Mode of Editor. Now I will try to paste directly in HTML Mode.

I am really thankful to both of Guys. Thanks a Lot. You both are Genius.



Happy to help you. May God bless you with Successful blogging Carrier.


Robin Singh


Happy blogging…dear. We are glad that we helped you in your ways.