Native template with responsive Blogger Media queries


Hi! I have a Blogger blog, and would like to know how I can make it responsive CSS. You can make the layout be adaptable using @media queries on Blogger? I know that Blogger still needs improvements, but though the Blogger engineers could rethink more broadly responsiveness.


Yes you can use media queries on Blogger templates and percentages also to make your template responsive. There are a lot of pre-made 3rd party responsive Blogger templates out there you could choose from too. :slight_smile:


Hi Carrie!

I thank you for the tip! But I wanted to do it with a native template Blogger. I know that these responsive templates for Blogger is a good way, but I would like to deploy responsiveness in a native template Blogger. The model I work is the “Spectacular Ltda.


Hi Bruno!

You’re welcome. I’ve never heard of that model, would love to see it :slight_smile: Happy coding!



This is the link to my blog:

(with the template I mentioned)