My site has been hacked by someone


Hello, My site has been hacked by some hacker yesterday, please help in getting out of this trouble. I am trying my best since last day to recover it, but i cant do that. Is there any simple way to fix this issue. i am new in blogging and i dont even know the enough about it. please help me getting out of it as soon as possible… my infected blog or web is


Why the hell hackers hacks other blog/website that had been created with lots of effort. @Pakitalki Though i cann’t help you, may some of the expert will provide the solution.

Some days ago i got the email from unknown threatening to hack my blogger blog. Is it that easy to hack the blogger blog? How to protect the blog from being hacked? And if hacked how to get back it?

I also need some advice from the expert.


First of all @Pakitalki Your blog/site isn’t available or actually it is ain’t found!

@shahsantosh Its not that easy or say that its near to impossible to hack blogger as blogger is backed up by google and google’s server security is far more better then the security of wordpress. Wordpress is very vulnerable and can be hacked easily because one of the reasons is it runs on php!

A great Hacker with lots of experience and qualifications can hack google’s servers or its just impossible for medium one’s